Lucid Cycle

Since ive been keeping a dream journal and doing reality checks ive had a few lucid dreams, one of the most vivid was about a month ago when I woke up in a different version of my room and it felt so real that at first I was very confused of where I was. My old TV from a few years ago was there with a game of football playing on it, I get out of bed and try to switch it off but the TV stays on and the power button does nothing. This is when it dawns on me that I must be in a dream so I look at my hands to do a reality check and they are all distorted like I am looking at them through a upside down magnifying glass. I look around the room and am amazed at how real everything seems, I start to get a big surge of excitement and decide I should try flying, I got as far as floating around the room before the dream dissolved and I woke up.

It was really interesting having this lucid awareness in the dream where it felt just like waking life apart from the weird differences! There didn’t seem to be any message or anything I could interpret from it though, unlike one I had a few days ago which was less realistic but felt like my subconscious was telling me something. I wake up in bed again in a different version of my room, I get up and walk through the bedroom door out into a hallway with a elevator and doors to other rooms, It looks like I’m in some kind of Hotel. I decide to walk through one of the other doors in the hallway but instead of appearing in a new room I find myself waking up in the same room I had just woken up in again. This cycle seems to repeat many times and each time I wake up in the same room again I seem to become more lucid realizing that I’m trapped in repeating cycle, I start to panic feeling like I’m stuck in a loop until eventually as I’m in the hallway again I become lucid enough to fully realize its a dream. I have a massive surge of excitement upon realizing this and start jumping up and down, I still feel panicked though and the urgency to wake myself up is too strong for me to realize that I could try breaking the dream loop by changing the dream. I seem to receive a message that I should focus on the sensations in my waking body asleep in my bed which will wake me up, I start to do this and gradually wake up as the dream dissolves to blackness.

As soon as I woke up I felt the panic disappear, I feel like there was something to be learned from this dream, perhaps being trapped in a repeating cycle in the dream represents my repeating patterns of behavior in my waking life? Its something which I have started to develop some awareness of which could be represented by the growing lucidity and realization at the end of the dream. So the message seems to be once I am aware of these patterns I find repeating so often in my life, how do I go about changing them? Perhaps focusing on the bodily sensations like when practicing Vipassana meditation, is a way of bringing awareness to the present moment allowing space to see the habit pattern about to take place before automatically following it, this could be part of the key to manifesting a different reality free from the cycle of suffering.


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